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 Sri Dulal Ch. Das, Chairman

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The Maheshtala Municipality was formally constituted on 21/12/1993 on the strength of the Government Notification no. 519/C-4/MM-353/92 dated 03/12/1993 comprising 21 no. Gram Panchayats and 40 full/partial Mouzas. Maheshtala is a place located in the Indian state of West Bengal. Maheshtala is located at the latitude of 22.51 (22030’36’’N) and the longitude of 88.23 (88013’48’’E). It is spread over a vast area of 44.16 sq.km. and is situated on the eastern bank of Hooghly river in the southern zone of West Bengal. This municipality shares almost one fourth of its boundary with Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The other three-fourth contours are shared with Budge Budge Municipality Chatta Bazar Panchayat area and river Hooghly. The CBD of Kolkata Megacity is 13 km. from the Municipality. The Climate is mainly hot and humid with mild winter, brief spring and prolonged monsoon. Average rainfall 1500 mm.